Swainston Digital Imaging (SDI) was established to provide multi disciplined photography services for aerial, architectural, and other unique photographic needs.  SDI specializes in the development and manufacture of specialized stabilization equipment for aerial still photography and videography.  Nighttime aerial photography is one discipline that SDI has excelled at.


SDI has been recognized by the Professional Arial Photographers Association International (PAPA) with numerous awards for aerial photography.  SDI has also been a presenter at the PAPA International convention.


Another area of expertise at SDI is the enhancement and analysis of surveillance video. 


SDI also specializes in the preparation of graphics to support trials, arbitrations, and other presentations.  One advantage offered by SDI is the fact that we handle the graphics preparation, the printing, as well as the mounting and delivery of graphics in-house and within a short time frame.


Below are samples of our work which include:

  • Airshows

  • Daytime Aerial Stills

  • Nighttime Aerial Stills

  • Camera Mounts Manufactured In-House

  • PAPA Award Winning Photographs

1. In an action by a vendor to vacate a fradulent purchase of property, or by a creditor to subject any property or fund to the creditor's claim, or between partners or others jointly owning or interested in any property or fund, on application of the plaintiff, or of any party whose right to or interest in the property or fund, or the proceeds thereof, is probable, and where it is shown that the property or fund is in danger of being lost, removed or materially injured.


2. In an action by a mortgagee for the foreclosure of the mortgage and sale of the mortgage and sale of the mortgaged property, where it apprears that the mortgaged property is in danger of being lost, removed or materially injured, or that the condition of the mortgage has not been performed and that property has probably been insufficient to discharge the mortgage debt.


3. After judgment, to carry the judgment into effect.


4. After judgment, to dispose of the property according to the judgment, or to preserve it during the pendency of and appeal, or in proceedings in aid of execution, when an execution has been returned unsatisfied, or when the judgment debtor refuses to apply the judgment debtors's property in satisfaction of the judgment.


5. In the cases when a corporation has been dissolved, or is insolvent, or in imminent danger of insolvency, or has fortfeited its corporate rights.

6. In all other cases where receivers have heretofore been appointed by the usages of the courts of equity.


We specialize in the following:

  • Foreclosures

  • Partnership Disputes

  • Business Insolvency

  • Post Judgement Collections

  • Corporate Insolvancy

  • Corporate Dissolutions

  • Mortgage Disputes

  • Debtors Hiding Assets

  • Preserving Assets Pending Appeal


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