• Consulting and Testifying Experts

  • Quantification of Damages

  • Standards of Care

  • Productivity Impacts

  • Schedule Delays & Disruptions

  • Construction Defect Analysis

  • Critical Path Method Scheduling

  • Demonstrative Evidence

  • Litigation, Arbitration & Mediation Support

  • Discover Support

In order to resolve a conflict, one needs clear, concise and objective information.  Swainston Consulting Group's experienced advisors and testifying experts professionally analyze individual disputes and provide the objective and technical assessment needed to reach a resolution.  Swainston's expertise in mediation, litigation consulting and expert testimony will be invaluable tools to help support you in every phase of the resolution process. 


Swainston provides expert litigation services by utilizing a variety of different approaches.  Our consultants serve our clients in ways ranging from providing assistance in navigating the litigation process to providing expert testimony.  Swainston analyzes each dispute to gain a complete understanding of the dispute and then draws from our pool of experts in management, construction and engineering to ensure the best outcome for our clients.